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Grace Currie


An emerging artist based in Shropshire in the West Midlands, originally from Manchester.

In 2020 Grace graduated from Chester University School of Art with a First Class Honours degree in Fine art. Her powerful and huge figurative paintings in her Final Show, The Identity Series, invite you into her world to meet its strange inhabitants - more or less human - clearly on the way to the same anarchic party… 

In 2010, aged 17, Grace’s life hung by a thread after a  serious  traffic accident resulted in  severe brain injury leaving her with interrelating disabilities and a neurodivergent view of the world. Her work often uses these challenges to challenge viewers, to reflect her resistance to the reductive label ‘disabled’ or the disorientating sense of fractured self 24/7 care engenders. She is inspired by artists who express inner feelings through portraiture (her recent starting point was Bacon’s ‘Screaming Pope’ series). Tschabalala Self’s work contributed to her understanding the powerful tension that childlike form in painting can create when themes are adult, sometimes sexualised.

Grace is building an impressive body of work, mainly painting and video, and submitting nationally and internationally, and since graduating has already exhibited in the West Midlands and London:

Put Away Neatly 2022 HOME Gallery Manchester - details

Almost Happy 2022 The Hive, Shrewsbury

Reflections 2020 (group show) Qube Gallery Open, Oswestry

The Art of Caring 2019 (group show), Conference Centre GallerySt Pancras Hospital, London

Terror and Joy 2019 (solo show) Participate Artspace Shrewsbury

Presentation of work at  the National Mental Capacity Awareness Conference 2018 Royal College of Physicians, London 



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