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Grace Currie


An emerging artist located in Shropshire in the West Midlands, originally from Manchester.

It’s not by chance that Grace has been described as ‘uniquely, unique’

What you see is what you get, both in life and in larger than life art. 

Grace has just graduated from Chester University with a First Class Honours degree in Fine art.

That’s quite an achievement for anyone but in 2010 aged 17 Grace’s life hung by a thread after a tragic car accident resulted in a serious brain injury. This has left her with a number of interrelating disabilities and a neurodivergent view of the world.

Grace uses her own challenges to challenge others. There is nothing trite, cloying or self-indulgent in the work she makes. She has something to say and has developed a way of saying it that is direct, unembellished and yet strangely and satisfying subtle. Her work promotes simultaneous feelings of dread and joy. It is hard hitting and visceral.

Grace has exhibited at 

The Art of Caring, St Pancras Hospital 2019 

SOLO SHOW National Mental Capacity Awareness day, Royal College of Physicians, London 2018 Grace Currie: Artist

GROUP SHOW The Hive, Shrewsbury DASH Procession for Women’s Suffrage 2018


Phone: +01 123 45 678

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