I’ve been working with Ruth Gibson (ceramacist) and Jean Atkin (poet) making some porcelain jewellery to sell to raise money for a local refugee charity.

Ceramics for Charity 2We had to social distance in Ruth’s Shrewsbury studio - which didn’t stop next door’s cat wandering in and having his paw prints incorporated into an earring design…

Ceramics for Charity 3

I’m about to carve pendants from a piece of rolled out porcelain (very thin, malleable and delicate). First I wash thin yellow glaze over and then make a pattern using torn brown paper and wash orange glaze over. The pendants will be small circles cut from this design. I collected interesting textures - like a piece of netting, embroidered ribbon, leaves, seedbeds) to impress into the clay.

Ceramics for Charity 4

I loved the process of making and choosing words which Jean noted as we went along, which we turned into short poems about the pieces. I’ve painted postcards and Jean’s scribed them onto my designs as cards for the jewellery to be sold.

It was a lovely day and the best bit was making ceramics for charity!