Looking back to September last year - I prepared 'the story of my work's development'(as video and visual narrative below), followed by the 'key questions' I began my art work with then. This is my Exhibition Portfolio.

Updates: This here is my latest thinking on the final show, as I have made a lot more work since April when this Portfolio was started and revised my choices and statement. At the end of this post is the important narrative of the work, telling why and how I came to make this body of work. You will see that I use video and visual images a lot to explain myself.

May 28th: I have finalised my selection and hanging preferences. These are from my 'Identity Series' - work exploring the challenges to my identity in a situation of 24/7 care due to serious acquired brain injury. After taking advice from tutors (my 'curators'), I am choosing the four for my exhibition portfolio which seem the most powerful - strange characters who express something very personal and hence, I hope, universal - something others can be moved by too. They will hang with two central static figures framed by two almost dancing figures both waving one arm. In a non-virtual show they would hang 'provisionally' (on a variety of 'casual' fittings, pegs, nails) in keeping with with the 'provisional' nature of my identity, perhaps of all identities. 

You can see a selection of these pictures and other works in my online portfolio.