I've been keeping quiet about this project, but now that it's finished it's time to put the word out!

I was approached in 2021 by the academic Lucy Series from Bristol University. She was writing a book about the way people with mental health disabilities have been treated over the years dating from the victorian days of forced incarceration in lunatic asylums to the modern day where the issues of restriction of freedom even under home care are widely misunderstood.

So, Lucy asked me to produce some work around this theme that she could use in the book. I worked closely with Sue Challis and Jamilla Thomas to come up with pieces of video, photography, sculpture and especially paintings that have become fully fledged projects in themselves! The Video for the book was produced by Viv and Chris at Helter Skelter Studios and I'll be posting a link here as soon as it's released!

The first of the related projects will be seen at my show Put Away Neatly on Friday May 6th at the Hive in Shrewsbury. You can get details from the link. Do come, I'd love to see you there!