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Creative Enabler Job Opportunity


Closing date: 25th June 2024

Interviews: 4th July 2024

I am an emerging artist based near Shrewsbury in Shropshire. I am currently carrying out an Arts Council England funded project about Acquired Brain Injury.

I am looking for a creative enabler[1] who will work with me in my studio in Baschurch at least 3 hours once a week, sometimes more often. The post will also require 1hour a week preparation time.

You can see my work here on my website

I describe myself as a ‘magic artist’ rather than a ‘disabled artist’ for reasons we can discuss.  You can watch a film about this on X.

I am on X as @gracecurrie11, Facebook as Grace Currie Art and Instagram as Gracecurrieart

Creative Enabler role

This role is predominantly to support my continued development as a successful, nationally exhibiting artist as I continue to develop a body of work. You will help me to enact ideas, develop my practical skills and research relevant artists and current exhibitions. You will need to take into account how I learn and how to constantly make reasonable adjustments.

The role is to reinforce themes in my work to make sure that I am not lost in the process but am inspired and understand what I should continue to work on in the studio through the week and why. At times this will require an injection of energy, motivation and encouragement as well as a degree of appropriate challenge.

You will make recommendations for materials and tools for studio work.

Key tasks

To ensure that

•       I am the centre of and direct all the art-based activity

•       I am supported to develop the themes for work from initial ideas

•       I am encouraged regarding new and existing work but also challenged where necessary e.g. where more work is needed, where I seem to be settling for less than my best!

•       I am supported to research and reach beyond my existing potential, and more complex concepts are explained to me in simple ways

•       Appropriate support is provided to develop new skills (this might mean enrolling other artists to run short ‘courses’).

•       I am supported to promote my work by producing work in response to call outs, exhibitions and performance opportunities and grant-funded opportunities.

•       The role involves 1:1 face to face support directly in my studio and potentially at other times remotely.

Who I am looking for

You will be:

1.        Fun, energetic and enthusiastic as well as confident, responsive and patient.

2.        Interested in the current international/national art scene and regional opportunities, including exhibitions.

3.        Able to understand my frustration in the areas I am dependent on support and recognise when I can be supported to make exciting independent work.

4.        Someone who will enjoy working with me.

This post will probably best suit a practicing artist or experienced student looking for some regular income.

Fee: depending on experience but in the region of £50 per hour

[1] The term creative enabler?  ‘The concept of a ‘Creative Enabler’ was born out of Graeae Theatre Company’s work and refers to someone who facilitates Deaf/Blind/disabled or neurodivergent artists to carry out their creative practice. [For example]…a ‘Creative Enabler’ helps to fill in a gap in provision and address inequality that Deaf/Blind/disabled or neurodivergent artists  may experience while working. Through the Creative Enabler, the artist can maintain their autonomy and feel supported in getting their needs met throughout the rehearsal and production process.’ (from:'Creative,carry%20out%20their%20creative%20practice.)